Christian Nodal responds to criticism for revealing conversation with Belinda

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- Strong criticism on social networks received the singer Christian Nodal after attacking his ex-mother-in-law and reveal a conversation with his ex-fiancee.

It was on Twitter where users assured that it is not for men to talk about a woman, in addition that they affirmed that it was not right to show a private conversation.

“If the problem is that, according to you, they don’t let you heal, why not talk about it with @belindapop? Didn’t you say they were still talking? But why ventilate that you gave her money? Which I don’t think she or their parents have forced you, I think they are both enjoying the fruits of their efforts, “wrote a user on the network.

To which the interpreter of “We are no longer nor will we be” answered: “Yes I did, I called him several times. I wrote to him and nothing changed. It’s not about money, it’s about what they go on and keep trying to affect. Not even success serves them to leave me alone. All I needed was that push they gave me so that I finally decided what to do”.

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Another user told him: “The point here is that the only one you hurt with this hasn’t mentioned your name at all. Neither for better nor for bad nor to heal. That’s where the difference is.”

Immediately the native of Caborca, Sonora, replied: “I love answering you because you are the clear example that fanaticism blinds. Have you ever heard the word JUSTICE? Well, that’s what happens when you do bad things.”.

Nodal, in other comments, said that he has been through difficult times and that he just wants to put the past behind him.

I do have (to explain) because I want to focus my career on giving love from the depths to the world. And with these foolish people pulling me down I’m not going to make it. I need to get those haunting ghosts out”, he mentioned.

He added: “I am calm, it is not courage, it is simply enough to all this. I am aware of everything that is going to happen and that is my process to heal that dark part of my life.”.

To the user who told her to shut up because what she did is not manly “Belinda is very apart from someone else’s actions. Would you like to be judged by your mom or dad?” The singer said: “It’s Belinda, daughter, the one with the conversation. It’s not about whether she’s manly or not. It is that they do not leave me alone, it is that they DO NOT LET ME HEAL because unfortunately since information was leaked they wash their hands and carry me between their legs”.

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Another person replied: “It leaked because of people around you, better ask them, Beli doesn’t peel you anymore.”

The singer of the Mexican regional ended by saying: “Unfortunately that was the case. Because of people who surrounded me and I didn’t know how to see evil. I gave my trust and exposed my situation and feelings. I never asked anyone for anything. I’m not doing this to make them go after anyone. I want PEACE, clear my name. For that I have to pass turbulence”.

In the messages released by Nodal, it is read that Belinda asks him for money to fix her teeth and for her parents. Minutes later she tells him that she regrets being with him for everything she has suffered. She also accuses him of destroying her life.

The controversy arose after Belinda’s mother applauded the comment of a follower of her daughter in which He called Nodal naco.