Christian Nodal reveals that he has spoken with Belinda after the separation

It is true that Christian Nodal and Belinda are far apart, but the Mexican acknowledged that they have had some conversations since they decided to end their love story.

In dialogue with the Despierta América program, the interpreter revealed that with “Beli”: “We have had talks, but I don’t know what positions life will put us in”, referring to the link they could have in the future. Nodal said that he does not know if they will return, although for the moment that will not happen.

He also acknowledged that he regrets having made his relationship with the “Welcome to Eden” actress so public, since “it doesn’t go with my personality”, and that the only thing that matters to him is making music. But he also made it clear that no one forced him to do that, because it was a celebrity decision at the time.

Christian expressed that when a relationship ends, it heals his sorrows “with a lot of self-love and reflecting on what I did wrong”. But since he agrees to give new opportunities, he stated that “I forgive a woman everything.”

Nodal and Belinda surprised everyone after they announced their separation, just before Valentine’s Day and with a future wedding that would undoubtedly have been the event of the year.

It seems that although his breakup with Belinda hurt him a lot, the Mexican was encouraged to meet another person again, since after his arrival in Honduras, he got off the plane holding the hand of a woman.

However, although everyone wants to know if he is a new couple, he himself said that he has “friends with benefits”so it could be one of them.