Christian Nodal reveals that he was about to end his life

Lately, the singer has received several comments not only for his music, but for his personal life, especially after having made public his love break with Belinda and shortly after making his new relationship with the Argentine rapper Cazzu official.who has been accompanying him at all his concerts and has kissed before going on stage and who has even gone up on stage with him to sing one or another song.

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Recently, the singer was in Colombia and He decided to talk about the problems he has with the press due to the bad information they give about him, letting himself be seen vulnerable and sensitive with his emotions, to the point of shedding the occasional tear before the thousands of attendees at the show. However, although it was a moving moment to see him sensitive to the public, who witnessed the show they started yelling at him and booing him for the long speeches he was giving instead of singing.

In one of them he spoke of the Colombian, J Balvin: “Singing was a gift that God gave me, but I had to work on it too, so I don’t want any asshole who only dresses pretty, looks pretty, to come and make fun of me, do you understand me? I am a human being like you, I also have dreams, ”she commented. With these speeches, the Mexican fans only wanted him to start singing: “Now, now, let him sing… well, sing, now that he has already started crying. I love you but he already sings ”, was heard in some videos.

However, the artist has shown that his life has always been more complicated than it seems, because during an intimate interview for Rolling Stone magazine, He confessed that he was about to end his life and that it was his grandmother who ended up saving him.

“There was no dad, there was no mom. my parents were my grandparents. Once I wanted to jump from a second floor thinking that it would hurt me, but my grandmother saved me, she yelled at me, Christian, asshole boy! ”, She recounted.

His decision was made when he felt that his life was very difficult since he never had the support of his mother and father as he confesses in the magazine. In addition, he revealed that his childhood and adolescence were very different from what children in his region are used to having. However, he declared that the love he has always felt for music, for art and, above all, for his grandmother, were the reasons that led him to get ahead and that today, at 23 years old, he manages to position himself as one of the of the best artists in their musical genre.

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Now, the singer, although he has told a moving story in the magazine and on his recent show, continues to receive criticism and this time it has been due to a lawsuit with another Colombianalthough it is not about Balvin, but about another reggaeton interpreter, Ryan Castro, who also had a presentation at his show in Colombia where he reported that the Mexican was speaking ill of the artists who sang with him that day and especially of him , so the paisa showed his discontent and revealed the lack of humility that the Mexican hasas many of the fans of the “Wasa Wasa” interpreter noticed on social networks.