Christian Nodal reveals the tattoo that was put instead of Belinda’s eyes

Just before Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year was when Christian Nodal announced that he had ended his relationship with Belinda, something that at the time no one would have imagined because the two looked more in love than ever.

However, there is a phrase that says that “nothing lasts forever” and the famous ex-partner became proof of this because after announcing their engagement last year, most of their fans expected the long-awaited wedding but ran into the breakup more media coverage of the entertainment world in our country.

What did Nodal wear instead of Beli’s eyes?

After more than two months of their separation, Nodal broke the silence and talked about what happened with the huge tattoo of Belinda’s eyes that she got on her chest.

In an interview for Venga la Alegría, The singer revealed what he did with the famous design, which gave a lot to talk about especially since both announced their separation.

“I covered myself, I had some eyes, I covered them with wings. (It was a design) of taste, I have two poles: I hate it or I’m passionate about it, I don’t have a middle point”, confessed.

In addition, the interpreter announced that he is about to open a tattoo studio, Well, that’s a wish he’s had for a long time.

“Tattoos are a subject that I have been passionate about since I was little and I have always wanted to be part of it, I tattooed Adamari and it was super nice, from a message from her daughter, so I love that. I have tattooed friends and I would also love to give them a excellent treatment”, commented.

On the reason or reasons that led him to end his commitment to the actress, he did not want to give details: “andI’m fine, but I don’t want to share what happened,” said.

Tattoos that Christian Nodal got from Belinda

The first time Nodal got a tattoo in honor of his ex-girlfriend was shortly after they both publicly confirmed their relationship. in August 2020. East it said “Beli” and was close to the interpreter’s ear.

The second was the Belinda’s controversial eyeswhich was also made in 2020 and at that time, it was the same singer who made the design known through her social networks.

At the end of 2021, the also composer decided to put on the word “Utopia”, the name of the pop singer’s second studio album, the design was in red and with a heart below.

Romance of Belinda and Nodal

In an interview for Ventaneando, Belinda revealed that the two met last year at the Radio Awards in Texas, where she caught Nodal staring at her during his interpretation of “Love at first sight”, which made her come down from the stage to sing in front of him.

At the end of the gala, the celebrities took a photo together backstage and did not see each other again until they were judges on the “La Voz” program on TV Azteca.

During the broadcast of the reality show, the artists got to know each other more closely to the point where Nodal privately wrote a song for Beli and dedicated it to her, thus revealing his feelings for her.

However, it was time after in Puerto Vallarta, where the artist prepared a special dinner for him to ask if he wanted to be his girlfriend.

After accepting your proposal, both artists decided to make it official on their social networks and in front of the media, lor that caused a stir and at the same time made the couple one of the most popular in the entertainment world.

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Subsequently, Christian proposed to her in May 2021 but in the end the ex-partner ended their engagement on February 13, where both confirmed the break in a brief statement published on their social networks.