Christian Nodal reveals why he leaked the messages Belinda sent him

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- Christian Nodal He broke the silence after the controversy that he generated last May, when he made public some messages that he allegedly exchanged with Belinda, his ex-fiancee, when they were still a couple and in which she asked him for money for his parents and for dental treatment.

Some people applauded that the Mexican regional music singer defended himself, after the mother of Belinda applauded a message in which an Instagram user wrote: “Beli is the best. Please, don’t come back with the naco de Nodal.”

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However, others reacted annoyed, as they assured that it was not gentlemen to show the conversations they had when they were still dating, because since the breakup of the relationship, Belinda has preferred to stay out of any comments about the 23-year-old singer.

Given this, the interpreter of “Goodbye love” decided to clarify once and for all why he showed the screenshots that day. “I am a very real person, you know? And the fact that an artist is speaking, here it is not about a man or a woman, it is about human beings and souls and there are bad souls and when I say that having a 20-year career is not in vain is that they know how to do things good and bad things. I can not go out to talk interviews or not say anything and be doing bad things to screw up… other people’s careers. How? With black campaigns… And that’s why my courage is that people don’t understand that I’m real and I’m going straight. The fact that other people go around the bush does not mean that they are not there doing harm,” the young man explained to TV Azteca.

Chances of getting back with Belinda?

After saying this, he was asked what message he would like to leave Belinda, and although he initially gave hope for a rapprochement, as he gave a slight smile, he was finally blunt in assuring that there is no possibility of returning, since a line was crossed.

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“I would like to follow the directions; It is that it is no longer possible, it is no longer possible because I believe that a line was crossed there. It was a relationship in which, like any other human being, you give yourself, but things don’t go well and you have to be aware of falling into the net, because every time I’ve watered it I’ve had to pay dearly for it and it hasn’t It has not been easy, I am a human being too and the fact that I do not express what I feel does not mean that I have not been on the floor, destroyed several times as well, “he concluded.

Currently, the singer has been seen by the hand of the Argentine rapper, cazzuwith whom he was caught eating ice cream and walking the streets of Antigua Guatemala.

It is worth mentioning that before being seen walking through the city, the Argentine rapper was present at the Palenque that Nodal offered in Mexico where he also sang his music.

But at the beginning of May, when he arrived in San Pedro Sula to offer a concert, the famous man was also captured with Mariana García, a young woman from Sinaloa, Mexico, who is a model for different brands.

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