Christian Nodal spoke again of his absence at a concert in Medellín

more than a month ago Christian Nodal left his Antioquian followers planted on a tour that he had scheduled in Medellín, of which he was the main protagonist. The explanations that the artist gave at that time was that due to weather conditions he could not board a plane to get to the city on time.

These responses from the singer unleashed the fury of those attending the concert that was at the Atanasio Girardot stadium, who threw chairs, damaged lights and expressed their discontent for the non-compliance of Christian Nodal.

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About, the Mexican artist himself spoke about this embarrassing situation and showed his dissatisfaction with the consequences that this fact produced:

“They made believe that I did not arrive because I was doing other things. I was in the stadium doing an amazing song, I finished that day, got to the hangar and uploaded a video in the morning waiting for my flight. I have 3 private planes and they all had trouble getting out.”expressed in La Red Caracol.

Later, Nodal responded to those who questioned him for not preparing his ‘shows’ in advance: “For the people who ask, Christian, why didn’t you arrive two days earlier? I have my way of working, they understand me and it has been perfect. I don’t know if you know, but I have come to all my concerts, “she said in the middle.

What will happen to the concert tickets? Christian Nodal in Medellin?

In total, there were more than 10,000 people who Nodal stood up and, as revealed by the organizing company, only 20% of the value of each ticket will be returned, since they state that the concert did take place. Although Nodal was not present, there was a presentation by Banda MS, Jerry Rivera, Jessi Uribe, John de la Torre, DJ Agudelo 888, Luis Alfonso and DJ Morro.