Christian Nodal started concert in Chihuahua four hours late for this reason

Chihuahua.- This weekend Christian Nodal He performed with great success in Chihuahua, and although some followers were upset about the delay in his show, others were happy, like a little girl in the front row, because the singer gave him his hat.

According to information transmitted in the program windowing, Christian Nodal packed the Estadio Monumental Sur in Chihuahua, but the concert started with a four-hour delay.

Currently Christian Nodal presents his Forajido Tour through various parts of Mexico, and in other countries. Photo: Instagram

In the entertainment program Aztec TV They pointed out that apparently this great delay was due to the fact that Belinda’s ex-fiancé and his team were notified of the lawsuit that the Chihuahuan businessman Joel Aragón filed since 2018 against Nodal, with which he claims losses of at least 2 million pesos due to a breach of contract.

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The businessman’s lawyer explained that in 2018 Christian Nodal had a contract to offer a concert in Chihuahua, but he canceled it shortly before despite the fact that he had received an advance of more than 600 thousand pesos, an amount that he did not return.

It has Christian Nodal in detail with a small fan

During his concert in Chihuahua, as part of his Outlaw Tour, Christian Nodal had a nice detail with one of his smallest fans, and everything was captured on video.

In the images that circulate on social networks, you can see a little girl who is on someone’s shoulders with a bouquet of flowers in her hand with the intention of giving it to her idol.

The girl was in the front row, and when the singer of “Botella after bottle” realized it, she not only approached the little fan to receive the flowers, but in exchange, she gave her her hat and blew her a kiss.

After this gesture, the emotion of the little girl was evident, but more so that of her parents, since the screams are heard on the recording.

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