Christian Nodal, they criticize him for gaining weight and blame his excesses

Christian Nodal is one of the most listened to singers worldwide of the Mexican regional genre, but now, several of his followers they criticize him for gaining weight and blame his excesses.

It was this week when the singer of “La sinvergüenza” and “Ya no somos ni seremos” reappeared in public for the most recent delivery of the Latin American Music Awards and although he won one of the most coveted prizes of the night, He gave something to talk about with his appearance.

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Christian Nodal appeared with a few extra kilos according to his followers and although that did not make them less handsome, they stressed that the singer was like this due to the excesses of parties, women and outings after his sentimental break with Belinda.

Nodal it’s found promoting a series of new musical themesbecause during the pandemic he claimed to have recorded several songs and it is now when he will launch them on the market, he also continues with a streak of sold-out performances.

The memes, videos and comments on the appearance of Christian Nodal did not waitespecially when in the same week his ex-partner, Belinda, has looked most beautiful when promoting her new series with Netflix, “Welcome to Eden”.

Christian Nodal changes residence and moves to the United States

In days gone by too Christian Nodal revealed that he would move to the United States after residing in Mexico, this due to the security problems he has experienced and the lack of privacy he has experienced.

Through social networks, Nodal assured that his reasons for moving were valid and that they were also not new due to the situation that several Mexican states are going through. So much Christian Nodal Like his family, they had gone through very difficult months with his mother’s illness, but now that he seems to have recovered, the singer assures that he is ready to resume his career and destroy his new album.

The followers of Christian Nodal They hope that now that the singer-songwriter has resumed his artistic tour and professional agenda, he will again take the figure that made him sigh, since they recognize that it can happen to all of us.

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