Christian Nodal was booed by his fans in full concert

Christian Nodal is used to filling any stadium where he appears. However, in one of his last shows he was booed by the public, because he took a long time to go on stage.

Belinda’s ex sang at the Monumental Stadium in Chihuahua and, as the Ventaneando program showed in some images, his fans booed him because it apparently took four hours to start the concert.

Apparently, this situation caused some discomfort in the Mexican because when he left, the press was waiting for him to ask him several questions, to which he answered with few words, although making it clear that he is “very well”. The contact lasted just a few minutes since Nodal’s security team was responsible for shielding access to the artist.

What could be seen in this meeting with journalists is that Christian actually covered his ex-girlfriend’s tattoo that he had on his face, very close to his right ear. The couple suddenly decided to separate when they were very close to getting married.