Christian Rach: Rare appearance: He shows up with his wife Andrea

Professional chef Christian Rach (64) normally does not mince his words and criticizes unfiltered. Now the 64-year-old, accompanied by his wife Andrea, was in a good mood at an event in Hamburg. The two have been going through life together for over 20 years, married in 2000 and have two children together. But how must the woman be at the side of the cook? In the BUNTE interview, Chrsitian Rach said: “Relatively crazy, and she has to be very patient. On average, chefs only live to be 56 years old. That comes from stress, because where there’s stress, there’s alcohol and hard stuff too. Unfortunately, you need it that many colleagues. There are always situations in which it should go higher, faster, further. I always say: ‘Greed eats brains.’ My family is my calming influence and always brings me down. In these moments my wife always says: ‘Don’t imagine anything, stay the way you are.’ That’s very good for me.”

We show you the dynamic couple in the video above.

Christian Rach had other professional plans

Born in the Saarland, he got into cooking more or less by accident: while he was studying mathematics and philosophy, he wanted to earn some extra money and started a job in a Hamburg restaurant. At first there was no indication that this would become a career, but after stays in France and Austria, where he also worked in restaurants, he gave up his studies and dedicated himself to the art of cooking from then on. In addition to his own formats, such as “Rach, der Restauranttester” or “Rachs Restaurantschule”, he can also be seen from time to time in cooking shows such as “Grill den Henssler”. Until recently, he also ran his own restaurant in Hamburg’s Bahrenfeld district – but “Rach & Richie” closed its doors in 2019, Rach had stated that he wanted to step down in the future.