Christian Rach: Rare appearance with his wife

Christian Rach has been in the public eye for years, but the TV chef’s wife moves away from the cameras. The couple has now made an exception for an event – ​​and granted surprisingly private insights.

We know that Christian Rach is an expert in his field from his numerous appearances on television. But while he presents himself as a chef in different formats and proves his talent, you hardly get to know him from his private side.

At an event in Hamburg, the 64-year-old appeared accompanied by his wife and thus provided an extremely rare moment. In their chic outfits, the couple beamed at the camera. In addition, the restaurateur chatted with “Bunte” a bit about his 22-year marriage to Andrea.

“There’s alcohol and hard stuff too”

Being the woman at the side of a professional chef is “relatively crazy and she has to be very patient,” reveals Rach. “On average, chefs only live to be 56 years old. That comes from stress, because where there’s stress, there’s alcohol and hard stuff. Unfortunately, many colleagues need it. There are always situations in which it’s higher, faster, further should go,” he continues. “Greed eats brains,” he says.