Christian singer Chanel Novas presents “Reverdecerás”

Santo Domingo, DR.

christian music singer Chanel Novas, presents this afternoon the concert in which he will premiere his new musical production with the theme “You will become greener”, in the Tabernacle of Adoration Church.

With the participation of other singers from abroad and from the local area, the interpreter of “Me Multiplicaré” promises a night of live music in which she will perform the hits that have made her known, in addition to the songs that make up her new album .

Chanel reported that “Reverdecerás represents a new time for my career, it is a call for listeners to understand that they have a new opportunity to dream, to resume abandoned projects and to know that each one has a purpose that should not die.”

“With this concert I want to awaken in hearts the faith and hope that emanate from the word of God made song, in addition to sharing the stage with other ministries that are blessing others through music,” said the singer.

Chanel Novas

Chanel Novas is a native of San Francisco de Macorís, she started in music at the age of four and in 2014 she won the “Artista de mi Barrio” contest of the television program Más Roberto and the second place of “Mi Voz Para Cristo” . In 2017 she released her song Me Multiplicaré, with which she has conquered hearts inside and outside the country.

Likewise, in 2020, Chanel Novas produced the song A Miracle is Approaching, with which she won the “El Galardón” award for the best song of the year; while this 2022, she rose as Artist of the Year in the aforementioned award that each year recognizes the most outstanding artists and communicators in the Christian field.

The guests

In the “Reverdecerás” concert that will begin at 5:30 in the afternoon at the TBA Church, Chanel will be accompanied by singers Rosa Karina and Freisis Frías from the Dominican Republic, Nimsy López from Puerto Rico and Domínico González from Colombia.

More about Chanel:

Chanel Novas is married, mother of three children and with her voice and talent she wants to inspire other people that no matter where they come from or the difficulties they have had to go through, they can move forward.