Christin Stark “suffers a lot” from not being fit after the birth

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Of: Lisa Klugmayer

Christin Stark was supposed to be on stage with Matthias Reim at the Schlagerfest.XXL. But her body is not doing so shortly after the birth of daughter Zoe. A fact that weighs heavily on her.

Kiel – The Schlagerfest.XXL is currently moving through Germany – Florian Silbereisen, Jürgen Drews and Matthias Reim are there (here all Schlager news on the topic page). Actually, Christin Stark should also be there. The pop singer had to cancel the concerts at short notice. The reason: so soon after the birth of daughter Zoe, she is not yet fit enough for the stressful everyday life on tour. That’s exactly what makes her very difficult, as Matthias Reim now reveals.

Christine StarkGerman pop singer
BornOctober 21, 1989 (age 32)
spouseMatthias Reim (married 2020)
titleAre you crazy, baby rock my heart, I’m not! (Selection)

After the birth of daughter Zoe: Christin Stark not at the Schlagerfest XXL with Florian Silbereisen

It was THE sensation at the Schlagerboom 2021 at the end of October: Matthias Reim (All information about the German pop singer) and Christin Stark announced that they are having their first child together. “It is so beautiful! (…) What is coming now is not just number 7, but our heart’s desire!” said Matthias Reim at the time. On March 31, 2022 the time had finally come: They are now the proud parents of a little daughter Zoe.

During the pregnancy, Christin Stark was still certain: she does not want to cancel her planned concerts because of the birth and her daughter. Recently, however, she had to row back and cancel her appearances at Schlagerfest.XXL. A decision that was not easy for her is now revealed by her husband and father of seven, Matthias Reim.

Christin Stark “suffers a lot” from not being fit after the birth
Matthias Reim is overjoyed with his life © IMAGO / osnapix

No TV shows or concerts: Christin Stark “suffers a lot” from not being fit after the birth

While Christin Stark (the most successful German pop singer of all time) is still recovering from the birth of her daughter, Matthias Reim is back on stage. It is not easy for him that his wife is not at his side as planned. “I really regret that my wife didn’t have the power yet,” said the pop singer in an interview with Brisant.

But that’s a good thing. After all, she has to recover first and “the baby has to arrive in peace first”. Despite all reason, it is not easy for Christin Stark to accept that her body still needs time after the birth. “Actually, she wanted to be here too and she suffers a lot because she simply says: ‘I can’t do it yet,'” reveals Matthias Reim.

“Important and intense time”: Christin Stark shares the first photo of daughter Zoe

Her fans will definitely not be angry with Christin Stark under these circumstances. Mom-baby time is important and the pop singer still seems to be enjoying the introductory phase. Just a few weeks ago, she gave her 58,300 Instagram fans a first baby update.

In the picture, the pop singer cuddles with her little daughter. Under the sweet photo she writes: “We enjoy our first important and intensive time together at home.”

Slamming doors & radio silence: Matthias Reim talks openly about relationship troubles with Christin Stark

Slamming doors, three days of radio silence and time for yourself. When the two hit stars Matthias Reim and Christin Stark argue, the shreds really fly. However, reconciliation is not far away, as the pop singer now reveals. Sources used: MDR/Explosive