Christina Block: Now the ex-husband of the steakhouse heiress is filing a complaint

For them, an early reconciliation is a long way off. Steakhouse heiress Christina Block (49) and her ex-husband Stephan Hensel (48) have been arguing for months about their children: son Theo (8) and daughter Klara (12). The 48-year-old has been keeping the children with him for a total of 17 months. Any attempts at reconciliation have so far failed.

In the video above we summarized the details of the kidnapping drama for you.

The efforts of Block’s father Eugen (82) seem to have met with granite so far. Worse still, the “Block House” king has now even been reported by his former son-in-law. The reason? Eugen is said to have threatened Stephan Hansel badly.

Eugen Block: He tried to visit his grandchildren in Denmark

As the “Bild” newspaper currently reports, Eugen Block and his wife Christa (81) are said to have tried to maintain contact with their grandchildren and to visit Stephan Hensel in the Danish town of Gravenstein at the beginning of January. But the visit failed miserably and is said to have gotten completely out of hand. It is a sad interim result after a marriage that initially seemed harmonious. However, the banker and Christina Block officially divorced in 2018, following their dream wedding in 2005. Since then, they have shared custody, but the mother alone has the right to determine where they live.

Christina Block: She sharply criticizes her ex-husband

However, the child’s father still seems to ignore this provision. He currently denied Eugen Block the right to see his grandchildren. The 82-year-old was only able to hand them letters, which, according to Hensel, should have contained nasty threats. The consequence? An ad against the “Block House” king! In an interview with “Bild”, Christina Block, girlfriend of TV presenter and sports journalist Gerhard Delling (63), said: “When will the authorities notice that someone is shielding the children at all costs?” The last word has definitely not yet been spoken here.