Christina Milian and M Pokora: The family about to grow, the unexpected confidences!

The couple formed by M.Pokora and Christina Milian has since its inception attracted the attention of the public. The two lovebirds had indeed fallen in love as soon as they crossed paths for the first time. An unforgettable moment that they still remember today. Already the mother of a little Violet born from a previous relationship in 2010, the one who had appeared in You Got Served has therefore started her second child. The first for this goal couple who had to face criticism for many years. The fault of their age difference considered too important for Internet users. These funds have however changed their minds since they are the witnesses of the manifest happiness in which the two celebrities have bathed since.

Christina Milian in full moment of madness with her sister

It is obviously on a small cloud that Christina Milian and M.Pokora have been sailing since they are together. Being like all couples who have gone through difficult times, they nevertheless managed to overcome their problems easily. The proof is that they are still as happy as they were the first day they met. This happiness had indeed been accentuated by the birth of their youngest. An announcement that had not failed to react enormously within their respective communities. The best is yet to come as the singer’s family is once again getting ready to grow.

It’s no secret that Christina Milian has always been particularly close to her family. Notably her sister Danielle with whom she is in perfect chemistry. The latter had thus announced to her community that she was currently pregnant. A news that Christina Milian had also relayed by revealing a video of her baby shower on Instagram. Needless to say how complicit they were through these images in which they posed all smiles. We understand better what motivated the some 8,000 comments so far collected by the publication of the darling of M.Pokora.

A baby soon on the way for Christina Milian and M.Pokora?

Seeing your family grow is always synonymous with happiness and Christina Milian is no exception to the rule. If this is her sister’s future baby, fans of the pretty brunette are still wondering if she would be ready to start her third child with M.Pokora. A question to which the couple has not yet answered. In any case, many people don’t really believe in it anymore since they are both focused on their professional careers. The young man has just toured France with his LinkUp tour.

The image of a couple united in all circumstances

You have to believe that M.Pokora has come a long way since his participation in the casting of Popstars. Having met the woman of his dreams, he couldn’t have imagined better with the blossoming career he manages today. Both are complementary and do not hesitate to make concessions when it comes to the good of their relationship. We still remember these different photos taken during their last visit to France. The small family that the singer formed with Christina Milian had indeed visited their relatives and had taken full advantage of the French climate. What the American star did not fail to appreciate. The time of the little Frenchie who landed in the United States to live his American dream is now distant.