Christine Bravo victim of storms in Corsica: she gives a huge rant

Witness to the serious bad weather that occurred in Corsica this Thursday, August 18, Christine Bravo gave a big rant on her Instagram account. According to her, the situation could have been handled much better by the public authorities.

The whole of France has its eyes riveted on Corsica. On the morning of this Thursday, August 18severe bad weather broke out on the Island of Beauty, killing six and injuring twenty, four of which are serious. The balance sheet could however increase according to the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin, who specified that people who were then at sea had certainly not been counted. The close collaborator of Emmanuel Macron nevertheless welcomed the means employed by the State, including the implementation of an emergency evacuation in some campsites in the region.

“Along with the other ministers, […] we will allow the meeting from Wednesday of the state of natural disaster […] in order to help economic actors and people who have seen their homes or vacation spots destroyed by these unprecedented events”also announced the 39-year-old politician. Only here: some inhabitants of the island believe that the tragedy could have been avoided. This is the case of Christine Bravo, who recently left her Parisian barge to come and settle in Corsica with her companion.

Christine Bravo attacks Gérald Darmanin

Like all the inhabitants of the island – including Alizée, who unveiled impressive images of her garden – Christine Bravo helplessly witnessed the scenes of chaos that took place this Thursday, August 18. But according to her, the situation could have been handled much better. “Full mouth fuck! I’m starting to get that Corsica isn’t really a priority for our rulers! At 8 a.m., it had already been blowing in Balagne for quite a while! And the south was already devastated 30 minutes before it fell on us!initially lamented the sidekick of Laurent Ruquier.

Christine Bravo, who is not experiencing her first natural disaster, believes that France still has great progress to make in terms of crisis management: “Was it so complicated to evacuate the campsites at 6 a.m.? To warn people so that they stay at home? What are satellites for, man? I lived through 6 terrible hurricanes in Mexico! Underdeveloped country! We were notified 48 hours before. And there were no deaths! And Darmanin who tumbles after the battle !”, she got carried away under her last Instagram post. True to his outspokenness.