Christine Neubauer & José Campos: “We don’t have any secrets”

In Düsseldorf we meet Christine Neubauer (59) for the presentation of the German Cosmetics Prize. The actress has been quiet lately. The last recording from last year is also on her Instagram account. The 59-year-old has been quite busy with work and her home in Mallorca. A challenge for many relationships, including yours?

What Christine answered to us and what the secret of the success of the relationship between her and her fiancé Jose Campos (55) is, we show you in the video above. But so much in advance: There are no secrets with these two.

Christine Neubauer: styling tips from partner José

For the evening, when everything is in the spirit of beauty, the “full woman” author has opted for a striking jumpsuit that makes you want summer. In the interview, Neubauer also tells us that José is happy to advise her on her choice of outfit – and vice versa, of course.

While these two have already found happiness in love, Christine wants to help singles and bring other couples together. In her last posting on Instagram in April 2021, she became Verkupperlin and was almost competing with Inka Bause (53).

We have the whole story for you in the video below: