Christmas greetings reveal Prince George’s artistic talent

Updated on 12/25/2022 at 4:12 p.m

  • Prince George has a previously unknown talent.
  • The nine-year-old son of the British heir to the throne, Prince William, drew a reindeer for Christmas.
  • The royal couple tweeted the picture, much to the delight of fans.

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With a self-painted picture of a reindeer, the British Prince George (9) showed his artistic talent. His parents’ official account, heir to the throne Prince William and Duchess Kate, tweeted the painting on Sunday. “Merry Christmas!” It said – along with the note: “painted by George”. By the afternoon, tens of thousands of users had already liked the post. It shows a reindeer from the front, with a snowblot on its snout and a robin on its antlers and shoulder.

“The kid has talent,” wrote one user. Media commented that the future monarch may have his talent from grandfather König Charles III inherited. “The painting runs in the Royal Family,” reported the PA news agency.

79 watercolors of the head of state were recently exhibited in London. In October, Bonhams auction house auctioned a print of a painting by Charles for more than £5,700 (€6,400). The king once said that he found painting so relaxing that it transported him “to another dimension”. (pak/dpa)