Christmas: the hottest star looks (photos)

Celebrities celebrate Christmas with their families and, for this special occasion, they opt for outfits that are more resplendent than each other. While some prefer discretion, others do not hesitate to share everything on social networks.

The Christmas parties are an opportunity for celebrities to show off their best outfits. While some opt for beautiful sequined dresses, others are content to wear their best pajamas. All in family and shared on social networks, to the delight of their subscribers. In 2021, while the Covid-19 pandemic was still very present, several stars unveiled their most beautiful Christmas shots. It is comfortably installed in the snow, with a gray outfit, that Mariah Carey has wished a Merry Christmas to its subscribers. The highly anticipated photo of the year, that of the kardashian family, was unanimous. Only Kim and Khloé Kardashian had brought their children to pose with their mother, Kris Jenner. All had opted for brown pajamas. On their side, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia posed in front of their tree and the couple wore matching silver outfits. There is also Caroline Receveur and Hugo Philip, Reese WitherspoonNeymar and Eva Longoria who had shared photos with their loved ones.

In 2020, it was first of all the Kardashians who impressed internet users. Kim Kardashian had opted for a black latex bustier, a green skirt and XXL earrings. His sister, Kourtney Kardashian, wore a beige mini-skirt and a red top. On his side, Kylie Jenner appeared with a magnificent dress with red sequins. To complete her look, she had red pumps, matching her hair… dyed red too. For Paris Hilton, these celebrations were an opportunity to show the extent of her wardrobe. She had chosen to wear five different outfits, each more magnificent than the other. On the side of French personalities, Caroline Receiver had opted for a piece from its ready-to-wear brand, RECC Paris. For Nabilla Vergarait was not her princess dress that was the center of attention but rather her son Milann, who wore a suit and a bow tie. Family moments that the main concerned but also the Internet users have greatly appreciated.

Stars on their Christmas 31 over the years

When it comes to partying, internet users can count on celebrities to reveal their best outfits. Over the years, there have been many personalities who have shown looks either with ease or who have pulled out all the stops. In 2018Khloé Kardashian had opted for a white tulle petticoat, tutu style, with a white and silver crop top. She also wore a pair of metallic heels that enhanced her outfit. Karine Ferri had chosen a very tight sequined dress. There was also Will Smith who played Santa Claus with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, dressed as a reindeer. Same thing for Katherine Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley who had chosen to wear the same red sweater. On his side, Alyssa Milano had bought a sweater with the same patterns for his whole family. The following year, these are Kate Hudson or Ashley Tisdale who had taken advantage of the holidays to reveal their pretty pajamas. Whether it’s evening wear or more relaxed ensembles, celebrities don’t hesitate to pull out all the stops for the Christmas holidays.