Christophe Dechavanne bitten by a hornet: funny video of his deformed hand

It’s been a while since Christophe Dechavanne did not find himself in the center of the news. From the start of the school year, the 64-year-old host will officiate in Léa Salamé’s new program entitled We can’t say anything anymore on France 2. This will mark the comeback of the host on the public service after many years spent at TF1.

While waiting to find the television he loves so much, Christophe Dechavanne is still enjoying a little of his vacation, which is going (almost) well. Why “almost”? Because this Wednesday, August 17, while he was quietly picking apples in his garden, the host was surprised by a hornet bite. The least we can say is that Christophe Dechavanne has suffered a lot. As proof, his left hand has considerably increased in volume. The host did not hesitate to share this with his subscribers on Instagram. “Here, very nice apple picking. I took an apple. There was something on the other side that I didn’t see. A ridiculous little sting, here, my hand is like a balloon. Let’s beware of the hornets”he mentioned in his story.

“It’s been a long time the hornet!!”

How is Christophe Dechavanne’s left hand? This Friday, August 19, in a video posted on Instagram, the host gave news of his hand a few days after this cursed bite. “It’s better !”he commented, showing his hand resting on a newspaper but which is still swollen. “It’s mostly that it hurts, you see, it hurts. I put ointment”he added, wiggling his fingers. “Friday. It’s been a long hornet!!”, wrote the host in the caption of the video. Paul Belmondo’s companion, Luana even slipped him a message of support: “Courage” she wrote in the comment.