Christophe Dechavanne “odious”? The host wants to “blow his nose” at his detractors

Invited on the set of C to you, Thursday September 29, 2022, Christophe Dechavanne wanted to make an update. He thus addressed his detractors.

After years of being in the shadows, Christophe Dechavanne is well and truly back on television. In effect, on Saturday September 24, 2022, the star host of TF1 made his debut alongside Léa Salamé in his new show What an era! on France 2. But since always, the current acolyte of the journalist of France Télévisions, enjoys a rather negative reputation. Like Alexia Laroche-Joubert who did not hesitate to come back to her collaboration with Christophe Dechavanne : “He has a hell of a character, he’s unbearable to produce, he knows it, I’ve already told him. We slammed doors in the face like never before, I think he’s the guy I’ve more angry.”

Guest on the set of It’s up to youSeptember 29, 2022, the main interested party then wanted to respond to those who described him in less than complimentary terms. “When there are people who say ‘Dechavanne, he doesn’t like people’, I want to blow their noses. One day, at TF1, I was told: ‘You’re odious with the technicians’ Those of today, they are younger and I know them less well, but, without kidding, there is not a guy in my profession who knew the technicians by their first names. I have always been close people who work with us, who sometimes waited for me, to their chagrin, because I was late for the recordings. The facilitator tries to prove his good faith.

Christophe Dechavanne: “I really like people, it’s not a posture, I’m not pretending”

Indeed, Christophe Dechavanne gives a new example to support his words: “I happened to go to the countryside at Francis Bouygues at the time, and I was friends with the guards. I really like people, it’s not a posture, I don’t pretend. The proof with this woman who wrote to me for the death of Armel, it touched me. And it is quite symbolic and symptomatic of my relationship with people. So when Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine broadcasts a sequence of The wheel of fortunein which the presenter is picked up by Armel, he explains : “This woman was very funny. Her daughter privately messaged me on Twitter not long ago: ‘I wanted to inform you of the death of my mum, who for twenty years has been walking around with this tape because’ she had a great time.'”

Christophe Dechanne dots the i’s and crosses the t’s

But between him and Léa Salamé, did tensions arise? “Everyone said everything and anything about the places that Léa and I could or could not hold… Everything is going very well! At all levels. I announced that Léa was the boss and I was number 2, It suits me very well like that. We showed people that everything we announced, whether it was Léa or me, our complicity, our duo, our status on the show, was respected without worries “. Christophe Dechavanne still knows his “main fault” who is “to be very active” when he works. Conscious that it is necessary “a little bit that [il se] hold back or that [‘il] lift your foot a little”he says he feels “very good” with Léa Salamé even if he admits not having “still totally found [s]instead”.

Christophe Dechavanne is preparing for the second episode of Quelle époque!

As for the role of Léa Salamé, the host is happy to be at his side. He also found the journalist from France Inter “very good”. “She became lighter, relaxed”. Saturday October 1, Christophe Dechavanne will therefore find the presenter for a second issue of What an era! : “I work perhaps as I’ve never worked elsewhere. I prepare a lot. I try to know things”.

Léa Salamé: “Some people warned me, I’m not going to hide it”

Léa Salamé had also mentioned the reputation of Christophe Dechavanne during his interview for Le Parisien: “Some people have warned me, I’m not going to hide it. Since I’ve been working with him, I see above all a humble, simple guy, who still works and freaks out, despite the two or three shows he he has started in his life. And apart from being 10 minutes late for appointments, he is always there. More seriously, he is also a man with flaws that he does not hide and a pride quite touching about what he did. And rightly so.”