Christophe Willem breaks his taboos in music: “They called me PD”

While the release of his new album, titled Panoramais scheduled for November 16, Christophe Willem goes straight back to his life and the suffering of having built himself up in constant criticism. Gala looks back on the highlights of this poignant interview with Karima Charni.

If there’s one thing Christophe Willem can’t do, it’s be someone else. On the occasion of the release of his album Panoramaon November 16, the one that celebrates his fifteen-year career was Karima Charni’s guest on Youtube. In a long interview of almost an hour, the interpreter of double i confided in an open heart the very intimate inspirations behind his new project : “This album is an outlet, it is extremely intimate because I was without any restraint”he admitted.

This new album, Christophe Willem did not do it alone. As usual, the coach of The Voice Belgium surrounds himself with the best. Authors who offer him texts as close as possible to his experience and his feelings. This is the case of its title titled I advancewritten by Laurent Lamarca, on which the singer sends waltzing all the stereotypes around his sexuality. More and more sure of himself over the years, Willem doesn’t hesitate to tell it like it is. Like demanding that we replace “there are people who called me effeminate” by “they called me PD”. A cruder formulation, but also more faithful to his vision of things.

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A path strewn with pitfalls

If today, Christophe Willem is a key figure in the French musical landscape, he was not always the open and lively young man that we know. For him, it all started in 2006when the one we nicknamed The turtlewin The New Star, a tele-hook of which he does not keep only good memories. From an outside perspective, the singer’s fate looked like a fairy tale. The reality was quite different. In effect, the singer had to face many mockeries and insults, very often targeting his sexuality. Faced with Karima Charni, he remembers in particular the painful words of a supervisor when he was still in college: “it’s a fagot at the same time, it’s normal that we hit him”.

Article written in collaboration with 6Médias.

Photo credits: Christophe Clovis / Bestimage