Christophe Willem cash on his sexuality: “I am gay and straight”

Since his revelation to the general public in 2006, Christophe Willem has been intriguing. The winner of the New Star knew how to impose his musical style and his personalityassuming both his professional failures but also the person he is. The proof is, as soon as the subject of his sexuality is put on the corner of the table, the 39-year-old singer is not one to evade the question. On the contrary, he answers it honestly, not hesitating to shake up established social norms. It is therefore not surprising to see him proudly claiming “gay and straight”with our colleagues from France 3Friday, January 27.

In full promotion of his new album, PanoramaChristophe Willem made a point of making things clear on their sexual orientation: “I always said from the start that I had no problem, whether it’s a girl or a boy.Observing that this subject “comes back all the time”the artist explains it with a vision “very binary, very heteronormative” in the minds. “People don’t understand ‘both’. They don’t understand that gay or straight, I find it hyper reductive as a definitionnoted the current coach of The Voice in Belgium.

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Free like Christophe Willem

Christophe Willem is determined not to put his sexuality in a specific box. Preferring rather to linger on the person, than on the sex of the other, the one who is nicknamed “The turtle” is primarily defined as queera term “all-encompassing”. “I want to have the freedom to be who I want to be and especially to define myselfhe said to ChartsinFrance in September 2022. Christophe Willem thus takes a liking to transcribing his state of mind in his songs. “I am neither demon, nor angel, nor a queen, nor a king, too bad for those who botherhe proclaims loud and clear in his title neither queen nor king. That has the merit of being clear.

Photo credits: Coadic Guirec/ Christophe Clovis / Bestimage