Christopher Uckermann announces his retirement from entertainment at the age of 35

“Fame will never fill you, that search is well experienced, it is valid, but it will never fill you,” he said Christopher Uckerman announcing his retirement from the middle of the show and after living fame in his own flesh.

The actor and singer surprised his followers with a video where he explains his reasons for leaving the stage in order to focus on his spiritual facet. “I wanted to share with you on this day of clarity and message one of them, which is the importance of working and walking towards your dreams, of fulfilling your purpose, what is in your design, going after that dream.”

He shared that the content that is currently successful does not really carry a positive message, so he hoped “that we can consume things that feed.”

The former RBD: “Imagine a world of good news, of being able to get up and read the newspaper or see something wonderful on the networks, that someone saved the animals, that someone did something good in the world for another person. The good news in the world would make a whole energetic difference.”

Christopher became known as a singer and actor, but he is currently a Kabbalah scholar, so he will continue to be linked to music but from another perspective. “I am no longer the protagonist, now we are the team, now we are the integrity integrated into the other and growing together.

“I love to celebrate with my team, it’s one of the things I enjoy the most in all my solo projects. When I finish a concert, that everything I do is a small scale compared to everything that RBD was, but it’s something that It fills me completely, applauding the team, being a leader and guiding them and being taught is one of the things I value most on this planet earth”, he commented.

“I was part of entertainment, for those who know me or not, I was in entertainment all my life and what I can tell you is that 90 percent of the people who are in the world of entertainment or in any system, many don’t really know what they’re doing…but who knows what they’re doing in this world?” Christopher said.