Chucho Avellanet will join in singing on Sundays at Club Caribe | shows

Chucho Avellanet will join the Club Caribe Sundays concept at the Caribe Hilton Hotel in San Juan.

“There is no date, but the Hilton is going,” he confirmed to THE SPOKESPERSON.

Avellanet’s arrival on that stage will take place after hosting Yolandita Monge during the month of April and which continues on May 15. The Caribe Hilton Hotel’s Club Caribe was one of the most popular clubs from the 60’s to the 90’s, receiving artists such as Carmita Jiménez, Iris Chacón, Julio Iglesias, Marco Antonio Muñiz and Nat King Cole, among many others.

About Ismael Miranda and Marisela Berti

On the other hand, the singer-songwriter confirmed that his ex-wife, the Venezuelan Marisela Berti, continues her recovery process after a stroke in January of this year.

“Apparently there is talk of releasing him, not right away, but very soon. So we are always in communication with my son and his brother, ”she reported.

Similarly, about his friend, the singer Ismael Miranda said that “he is very well and looks very good.”

Miranda suffered complications in the cerebellum last year. Recently, she has been seen singing at the church she attends.

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