Church goes viral for the “special effects” it used for the birth of baby Jesus

Through social networks, a video was broadcast showing the commitment of a parish in Risaralda, to keep the attention of its parishioners in the middle of the last novena of this Christmas, the birth of baby Jesus. Well, the images have been cause for laughter and astonishment in several countries in the region.

The young man, who identifies himself as Daniel Montoya (@montoyaescritor), published a video on the morning of December 25 in which he looks like in the middle of mass, a plastic baby is descending from the ceiling with a transparent rope, while the crying of a newborn sounds in the background, all this to exemplify the arrival of the Child God.

“I can’t get over the fact that this happened last night and in my town…”, wrote the young man, referring to the fact that this had been the scene that took place on Christmas Eve in the parish he attended, since the “special effects” used in the demonstration are out of the ordinary.

In the video you can see how the baby is going down and “crying” until it reaches the arms of the priest, who immediately hands it over to the altar boy, who puts it in the manger. At the end, the attendees applaud the creativity of the church.

Well, it seems like a hit! The leading father stands out for his charisma and things like you are definitely evangelizing! ”,“ Not even Hollywood dared so much ”,“ Savages, how many children did they hurt in rehearsals? ”,“ Mission impossible music in the background ”, are some of the humorous comments from users.

Christmas disappointment? Dog was disappointed when opening his gift

The objective of a Chilean family to deliver a gift to ‘Rakito’, the house dog, ended in a failed attempt when the canine was disappointed when opening his gift. Despite the fact that his name was included in the list of those present, the result was completely different from what was expected.

Carolina Apablaza shared on TikTok the reaction of the animal that seemed to be waiting for a toy or other object that would represent some entertainment. However; far from it, when breaking the wrapper, the husky found himself with a plate of food that ‘erased’ his joy in a matter of seconds.

“This gift is for ‘Rakito,’ says a woman in the video, hoping to capture an emotional reaction from the pet. In this, a man is seen smiling and waiting for the response of the dog that stands on two legs and, initially, wants the package to be delivered as soon as possible (which even had a label with his name).

For the occasion, the husky even had a Christmas necklace and was looking for a way to decipher the “mysterious” gift, but it took him a few seconds for the emotion to dissipate and he put aside the plate that was delivered to him.

Another clip realized that all was not lost, as there was a second package for the animal. In the new attempt, the Chilean family expected a different attitude and that is what they got: a toy giraffe changed its face and produced laughter and applause among those present.

With expectation, ‘Rakito’ received a third present, being one of the ones that had the greatest benefit on Christmas Eve: it was a bag of food, although it did not cause him the same disappointment as at the beginning. In social networks, the reactions were also protagonists and there were those who “predicted” what the canine supposedly expected.

“I never expect anything from you and you still manage to disappoint me”, “I think I wanted the iPhone 14”, “The dog: the same thing every year”, “A plate for Christmas?”, “It’s like when you give clothes to children children, he wanted a toy”, “I think he didn’t like it”, “They are already part of the family, we still gave my puppy gifts: a cologne and a bone”.