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Rumors about Chyno Miranda’s health began for more than a month. And although his new manager and his ex-wife Natasha Araos denied that he was in bad shape, now a post on the artist’s Instagram account confirms that not everything “is fine”, and they appreciate the gesture of planning a benefit concert that Nacho already promotes. .

The fans of the interpreter of “Stay with me” are attentive to every news, being insistent on the networks of the mother of her son, who constantly receives strong messages criticizing her and asking her why she is not by her side, as well have been divorced.

The peripheral neuropathy that occurred as a consequence of the Covid-19 infection, keeps the singer in a delicate situation, from which he has not fully recovered.

Chyno Miranda’s family approves and appreciates the benefit concert

It was last Friday, May 13, that the celebration of the concert called “Todos Somos Chyno” was officially known, an event for the benefit of the artist who, together with Nacho, formed the most successful Venezuelan duo in the South American country.

In the midst of the uncertainty that reigns over the young singer’s health, a statement published on Chyno Miranda’s networks made it known that what was said by the hosts of the “Gossip No Like” program, Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, about the organization of the event It was coming, it was true.

In the last post, dated September 21, 2021, Chyno “asked for patience and empathy to be able to return to the stage” and at the same time thanked them for giving him “judgment-free space and understanding”, while saying goodbye to the networks to Concentrate on your recovery.

And now, a new message made on behalf of his family and Chyno’s team is addressed to the 7.5 million followers of the interpreter, thanking them for holding the event and making it clear at the same time that they are not the organizers.

“We are not the organizers of this concert, but we want to make it clear that they have our support and our best will so that such a beautiful initiative is carried out… the recovery of Chyno has progressed more and more and we are sure that this great gesture will allow May Chyno ensure the continuation of his recovery and see him on stage very soon,” the information reads.

Nacho promotes the concert

It was Nacho who initially warned about the condition of his friend Chyno, asking for prayers and a miracle that would allow him to recover his health, which caused his followers to worry, assuming that his diagnosis had worsened.

The promotion of the charity concert comes through his Instagram account, in which he posted the poster in favor of the “We are all Chyno” event, to be held on June 8 in the city of Miami, in the United States.

A group of fellow artists came together to support him, including: Victor Drija, Marko, Jonathan Moly, Victor Muñoz, Jorge Luis Chacín, Ronald Borjas, Mermelada Bunch, Nangel Menez, Sharlene, Nelson Bustamante, Motiff and Richard Encanto.

The publicity of the event does not offer more details, so it leaves open the possibility that they issue one with more information.

And although the followers sent him the best wishes for his recovery, they remembered the secrecy with which they have handled everything related to the singer’s health, and how much his former partner denied that he was serious or delicate.

For many it is disconcerting not to know what is really going on with Chyno Miranda, and they let it be known in many of the comments.

  • “We will continue to pray for him, prayer is the most powerful and healing force.”
  • “Uh-huh, and isn’t that okay according to your ex?”
  • “I feel very sad, please tell the truth.”
  • “And the ex, surely took half of everything. Don’t get carried away by pretty faces!”
  • “What’s going on?”
  • “They should really, and show Chyno, so that all those who fill their mouths saying that it’s fine, well, shut them up, because I don’t believe them.” (AND)

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