Chyno Miranda’s family released a statement about his state of health

After several weeks of concern about Chyno Miranda’s health, now the Venezuelan’s environment released a statement telling how he is currently.

Through the interpreter’s Instagram account, the family and his work team reported that he is in recovery, which “He has progressed more every day”. In addition, they talked about the concert that a group of friends is organizing for the benefit of Chyno’s health and stated: “We are not the organizers but we want to make it clear that they have our support.”

Although no details were given in the document about the objective of that show, apparently it will be carried out in order to raise money, taking into account that they asserted: “We are sure that this great gesture will allow Chyno to ensure the continuation of his recovery” .

Despite there being some secrecy about what really happened to Chyno, it is known that it all started with the coronavirus, a disease that he went through in 2020. Then he was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy (damage to the peripheral nerves, which are outside the brain and spinal cord) and encephalitis, which is inflammation of the brain.

This situation kept him in a coma and with a serious risk of life for several days. And a short time ago he would have had a relapse which was serious, since Nacho, his duo partner, said publicly: “I would ask the fans, everyone who loves him to pray or send their energy for a miracle.”