Chyno Miranda’s former coach revealed strong data on the singer’s health

The debate around Chyno Miranda’s health is still alive. His fans are pending and seek to know the truth about how the singer is in this delicate stage of his life, where he has preferred to protect himself and have little public life.

Amid rumors about his true condition and the concern of his followers, the singer’s former coach came out to speak and assured that Chyno Miranda is in serious condition, facing the peripheral neuropathy he has suffered since he had COVID-19.

The personal trainer Juan Cortés specified in a dialogue with Gossip No Like that the Venezuelan musician suffered a great weight loss and this situation has caused his physical condition to weaken and deteriorate considerably.

According to his statements, Miranda weighed 80 kilos and weighed 69, and despite the physical changes, he must still deal with the consequences that arose after the coronavirus.

Cortés also spoke about how little is known about the Venezuelan singer, the information that circulates and the mystery that surrounds him. And he said that he tried to contact his family but hasn’t gotten a response.

In December 2021, the interpreter of “Mi Niña Bonita” returned to his native country to be calm, close to his family and at home. From that moment on, he lost contact with Juan Cortés, as revealed by the coach himself.