Chyno Miranda’s manager ruled out his death with a strong message

Chyno Miranda was once again on everyone’s lips and this time for a serious “fake news” that announced nothing more and nothing less than his death. The false news did not take long to spread on the Internet on July 29 and in the face of so much bewilderment and consternation, his closest circle came out to clarify that the singer is alive and in the process of recovery.

“If there is a news in which there is [una muerte] It would be notified, but at this time the artist is recovering,” Julio Ducharne, the musician’s friend, manager and spokesman, told People en Español.

Much has been said about Miranda’s health and his fans remain concerned about the artist’s future, but the truth and concrete thing is that he has returned to his native Venezuela and there he is treating the serious consequences that COVID-19 has left him since that contracted it

Chyno is in a rehabilitation clinic trying to overcome the ravages left by the peripheral neuropathy that he has had since October 2020 as a result of the coronavirus.

“Chyno is in his normal process and we are waiting for his recovery so that he can return to work in the coming months and we are calm,” said Ducharne.

And he affirmed that the interpreter of “Mi Niña Bonita” fortunately found peace close to his family: his mother Alcira Pérez and his cousins ​​who have imbued him with love and good energy.

“Gentlemen: Let the singer recover,” said the spokesman. And it was blunt: “Let’s end the speculation.”