Cielo Torres confesses that she also received extortion calls: “These threats have worried my family” | RMMN entertainment | PEOPLE

In the midst of the wave of insecurity that affects our country and the artistic world, sky towers He confessed that he was also a victim of extortion but that, despite these obstacles, he decided to continue with his career in music, acting and hosting.

The presenter of “Party Sundays” asserted that, unfortunately, in our country, citizens are exposed to various dangers and more artists, because every week they go up to different stages and deal with different audiences.

I have received strange threats that have worried my family, but we talked and made a decision that it was best to work calmly and take security measures, changing the number “revealed the artist in her recent show in Rústica, which was a full house.

Despite the fear she felt at the time, the singer maintained that the support of her family and her team was essential to continue her artistic career.

The human being in itself feels fear when he feels threatened, but the important thing is the support of the team that works with me and to continue, we must not indulge crime”, he recounted.


Cielo Torres stated that he hopes to continue consolidating himself with his music. This time, he was on the Rústica stage where he shone with his greatest hits, which are the most talked about on national radio and digital platforms.

She indicated that having that contact with the public again fills her with joy and seeing a show even more full, that is why she is already preparing a tour of all the Rústicas in the capital.

It is very exciting to be able to return to the stage and have the public live. This is becoming more prevalent with more people. It fills me with joy because I can be going through a thousand problems, but standing on stage and the energy that people give me when they sing, for me is the best gift“, said.

He added that, although they had virtual concerts in a pandemic, it is not the same to be live. “We had a screen in between, we have continued to produce and that has saved us a bit because we have not stopped making music,” he said.


Cielo said that she is already celebrating a month since her premiere of the program “Fiesta Sundays” and she feels very happy to share it with the public.

In addition, he pointed out that it has been a challenge to conduct interviews with other national and international artists and has only received positive comments for his work as host, which he appreciates.

I’m super happy, the production team has been very supportive. I’m already getting into the rhythm of the program and I’m very calm. My biggest challenge has been the interviews because it’s another way, but now we’re doing very well. We have already done Ana Barbara and Alberto Plaza“, Held.


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