Cinema – Dominican film “Mosh”, in theaters starting this Thursday

After being premiered at the Cairo International Film Festival and acquired at the Cannes Festival market by the German sales agent Media Luna, the film “Mosh”, by director Juan Antonio Bisonó, arrives in Dominican theaters to show the raw and picturesque reality of the Dominican Republic.

The film, which will be in the movie theaters of Downtown Center, Blue Mall and Fine Arts, and in Santiago, in the Plaza Internacional del Cibao. This is a production of La Felicidad, a production company created by Juan Antonio Bisonó and whose mission is focused on creating ambitious films of high artistic quality and commercial appeal with subversive, audacious stories rich in Caribbean culture.

“Mosh” tells the story of a 16-year-old Dominican girl who has lived her entire life in the neighborhood with Laura, her cancer-stricken mother, and Geronimo, her cousin, who is immersed in the world of drugs. “Mosh” seeks to find herself and find out who she wants to be with her reality, always evoked in a visceral way in the rap music that Geronimo (Omar Augusto Luis “Acentoh”) makes with his friend “El Buzo”.

María Ofelia Sánchez Hernández (Mosh), played by actress Rebecca Dalmasi, finds her way in contemporary dance and transforms it into her reality, showing that, regardless of the circumstances, everyone chooses to pursue and achieve their dreams. In this sense, the film highlights a phrase expressed by the artist Rita Indiana, who plays Lady God and says: “Of all the creatures created by me, the only one that makes an effort to focus on the bad, are the beings humans”.

“Like the protagonist of the film, I had to face my reality and move forward. My mother had cancer,” said Juan Antonio Bisonó, the film’s writer and director.

The film, produced by Ricky Gluski, features a cast of national and international actors such as Isabel Spencer, Rebecca Dalmasi, Omar Augusto Luis (Acentoh), Rita Indiana, Héctor Aníbal Estrella, Damián Alcázar, Vicente Santos, Richarson Díaz, among others. Dominicans will be able to enjoy MOSH starting May 12 at the Downtown Center, Blue Mall and Fine Arts movie theaters, and in Santiago, at the Plaza Internacional del Cibao.