Cinthia Fernández found out that Luciana Salazar is dating another “millionaire” and exploded: “I swear that…”

Cynthia Fernandez decided not to be in LAM, in America, but continues to be sharp and sharp even far from the controversial and spicy style of the program that hosts Angel of Brito. Her victim is now a classic public enemy of the panelist: Luciana Salazar.

It is that the former Angelita used her Twitter account to refer to the driver, who was known to be starting a relationship with a millionaire, of whom little is known so far.

The one who broke the news of the driver’s new romance, who does not get along at all well with Cynthia Fernandezwas the journalist and driver Marcelo Polinowho assured that Luli already forgot about Martin Redrado to start a new love story.

“I’m not going to say anything, but last year they missed one that was a bomb. Wanda’s was a bean. I can’t speak, I would never say anything about Luli’s boyfriends, because he is my family, but…”, he commented. Polinohumorously, in a note with Intruders.

“This present is very good. He is very hot. He is a person who is very well economically, who has life already resolved, “added the driver in the same note.

Upon learning of this, Cynthia Fernandez took his phone and let run all his irony and indignation against Luciana Salazar. “I never would have imagined it,” she wrote on his Twitter account, in response to the tweet in which a medium echoed the scoop of Marcelo Polino in dialogue with Intruders.

Where does the bad vibes come from? Cynthia Fernandez and Luciana Salazar? You have to go back to the time when Cynthia Fernandez I was dating Martin Baclini and, they assure, he was jealous of the friendship of his partner and the former vedette.

Despite the jealousy of Cynthia Fernandez, baclini and Salazar they never broke that friendship while the couple lasted. But conspicuously they distanced themselves when she couldn’t stand a rudeness from her friend, so she decided to get away from her. The reasons would be linked to baclini he gave up participating in the salsa de tres, in which he would participate Luciana in academia.