Cinthia Fernández told how her daughter suffers from the bullying they do to her at school

Cynthia Fernandez He expressed all his anguish when recounting the harassment that one of his daughters is suffering from her schoolmates, after a brutal audio of a father threatening a 13-year-old boy because he was bullying his daughter.

“Two weeks ago I came with this issue of bullying. They are making fun of one of my daughters with a physical issue. One of my daughters has a physical difficulty. I am not going to expose or specify which one. I already said it publicly, ”she commented in Moment D.

“They are give him that give him, two companions. A girl and a second grade boy. My daughter came and she told me that she doesn’t want to go to school anymore. To top it off, she was the best friend she was contention. I went and did all the steps that she had to do,” she added.

“I went to the school to talk to the educational psychologist and they told me that they were going to take care of it, that they knew the existence of this problem, because they are not only teasing, but insults,” he explained. Cynthiawho clarified that from the school they called the boys’ parents.

“I communicated with one of the boys’ parents, because I have no relationship with the other, because I don’t share a lot of things,” revealed the panelist.

“My daughter comes back crying and I have no doubt that I am going to have a bad reaction, because I am fed up,” she emphasized in warning mode Cynthia.