Claire Chazal, 65 years old: she dares to wear white jeans in winter and she is gorgeous!


Sunday evenings are devoted to culture on the 2. Claire Chazal present there for 3 seasons Passage of the Arts and exchange with artists from all walks of life.

Claire Chazal, elegant journalist

On her Instagram page where she shares her passion for culture with her 17,000 subscribers, the journalist often announces her next shows. November 27she showed up on the social network in the decor of the film set. And on this occasion, she had chosen to put on a favorite piece: white jeans.

Very worn in summer thanks to its light color, white jeans can also be worn in winter. Claire Chazal love it and adopted it elegantly during the last shoot. So how to wear white denim pants in winter without making a mistake?

The perfect combination with a blazer

In summer, white jeans are the ideal piece, chic and comfortable that can be taken out for all occasions. Easy to pair with colorful or plain clothes, denim pants have made a name for themselves without fear of getting dirty. But if light-colored clothes generally have a hard time making their way into our winter wardrobes, it’s because we tend to want to put in pieces with comforting colors and matching the weather which is gloomy. But, white shades are very effective in winter!

Claire Chazal chose the most popular white basic in summer: white jeans. And as we see, it is easy to wear whatever the period. The journalist appropriates it in November with a gray jacket. The set allows for a fairly formal look that breaks the cool spirit of white jeans. The other possibility would have been to choose a worked piece. A more colorful garment which also works very well with the famous white jeans. And these looks work at all ages! Professionally, Claire Chazal has bounced back.

In September 2015, the management of TF1 announced that the journalist was going to leave the presentation of the JT of the weekend. In September 2021, she succeeded Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine at the presentation of the Grand Échiquier, on France 3. Since then, she has been on France 2. The journalist is passionate about culture and highlights actors, writers and singers. The audiences are there and Claire Chazal pursues his career while keeping a certain elegance. She is one of the figures of French television.

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