Claire Keim snubbed? “It touches me …”, which she bitterly regrets in her career

Claire Keim reveals the regrets that haunt her about her acting career. The actress gives herself up without filter to “Télé 7 Jours”…

We don’t stop Claire Keim. The actress invites herself on the small screen of the French for years. Twenty-eight years of career and a panoply of roles… on the small screen almost exclusively. The television box, the star now 47 years old has not managed to get out of it. Asked about her career and her absence on the big screen by the magazine TV 7 DaysClaire Keim – real name Claire Lefebvre – admitted to having regrets.

Claire Keim: what “touches her at times”

“Once in a while, yes, she conceded to the magazine. I see little things that I like so much that cannot be told on television…”. The actress deplores the absence of film proposals in the cinema. I have long searched for answers to this question: ‘Why don’t we see you more in the cinema?’. I don’t know how to explain it. It touches me at times, but I tell myself that I’m so lucky with everything I already have, that I can’t complain.” And the star to conclude, without saying that she is snubbed by the 7th Art: But it’s still a big mystery to me.” On good terms…

Claire Keim: her “real nightmare”

If she did not know how to charm the film producers, Claire Keim is an undisputed star of the small screen. Among his greatest successes, Helen’s eyes in 1994, which revealed it to the general public, series Unfaithful on TF1, the soap opera Zodiac or even more recently the mini-series Year Zero, on M6. In this last project, she embodies the character of Anna at the heart of a detective story. Her husband, Marc, was murdered on the evening of December 31 at the hospital where he worked as a surgeon. When she discovers the body, she goes back in time to change the course of history.

Going back in time and trying to change the course of things would Claire Keim like it? Nay!It would be horrible, a real nightmare!, she assured TV 7 Days in a laugh. I don’t want to go through that at all… (…) Reproducing something that you’ve already done, and under the same conditions, is quite unbearable.”

When she is not acting, Claire Keim sings. She signed a duet with Marc Lavoine entitled I only want her in 2001, and the title It depends in 2011, produced by Universal Music France. The same year, she released her one and only album : where it will rain. But the success is not there. However, she will continue to go on stage for a good cause, with the Enfoirés troupe.