Clara Chía and her mother-in-law, best friends, took her to sleep in Shakira’s house and bed

To the Colombian singer Shakira, it rains, because even though the nightmare of their separation has not yet ended, they still have to deal with the betrayal, not only from their ex-partner, but also from their ex-mother-in-law and grandmother of their children. And it is that, new images emerge in which Clara Chía and her ex-mother-in-law appear to be best friends. Even, He took her to sleep in the house and bed of the interpreter of Waka Waka.

The paparazzi and correspondent for El Gordo y la Flaca in the case of Shakira Y PiqueJordi Martín, shared some revealing images in which they appear Clara Chia and the former FC Barcelona player walking very happy with the athlete’s parents, Joan Pique Y Monserrat Bernabeu.

In the images, the couple can be seen walking, he hugging his father, while Piqué’s new girlfriend is holding the arm of Shakira’s ex-mother-in-law laughing and joking, as if they had known each other for years.

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“Our indiscreet lens caught the complicity that exists between ‘Clarita’ and Piqué’s mother. The lady, apparently, is willing to have the best relationship with the woman who is with her son, whoever it is, and for as long as it lasts, ”said the paparazzi.

Clara Chía and her mother-in-law, best friends, took her to sleep in Shakira’s house and bed. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

According to the indiscreet photographer, the couple spent a family vacation to ring in the New Year at a mansion they bought. Shakira in 2016 with Gerard Piqué, in the Pyrenees, where the footballer’s grandparents and his brother were also.

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The most notorious thing about the matter was precisely the great complicity that exists between Piqué’s mother and her new daughter-in-law, who would be the bone of contention in the almost 12-year relationship between her son and the famous 45-year-old singer, interpreter of Blind Deaf and Mute. Y If you go.

This has surely brought great disappointment to Shakirawho has coincided with the grandparents of Sasha Y Milan Pique Mebarak at some school events, as well as sports games in which they participate, refusing to greet them.

Not being able to go to Miami

As if that were not enough, the native of Barranquilla, Colombia has not asked to leave Barcelona behind, as it seems that her move is becoming more and more complicated, first due to lack of agreements between her and her ex-partner, and now that it has been resolved, for the failing health of his father, who apparently cannot travel yet.

Clara Chía and her mother-in-law, best friends, took her to sleep in Shakira’s house and bed. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

The truth is that, apart from the bad streak that he is going through in his personal life, Shakira He has a lot to celebrate and fight for, since he has his children by his side and, furthermore, at a professional level his career is going from strength to strength.

In fact, recently, Shak published on his Instagram account that his hit song Monotony, which he composed based on his cruel experience with Piqué, has been at the top of the Billboard Latin Airplay Chart for 3 weeks, while it has also been on the Tropical Airplay Chart for 6 weeks. Good for Shakira.

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