Clara Chía mocked Shakira in front of Piqué and unleashed the anger of her fans – Nueva Mujer

Clara Chia Marti does not finish leaving the public radar and each of its steps are analyzed and criticized, after being seen by fans of Shakira What “the lover” from Gerard Piqué.

After knowing the controversial separation between the famous and the new Romance with the young woman 23 years, has had to face comparisons with the barranquilleraleaving its reputation in the underground, because for many it has been the bone of contention.

And it is that only three months had passed since the separation between Shakira and Pique, when the new couple was already showing off in public their relationship.

The gesture of Clara Chía imitating Shakira

Despite all the critics that she has faced, she has decided to add fuel to the fire by imitating the interpreter causing even more hatred in the social media.

In a video that has gone viral you can see the Spanish mocking in public of Shakira in front of the eyes of Piqué and some friends of Kosmos.

At the moment you can see how clear leaves the Christmas party of the employees of Kosmos, to get into Piqué’s car while greeting, in the same way that the famous does with her fans or paparazzi,

His gesture has caused indignation among the singer’s followers, who say that she is still looking for a way to copy her.

despite the orgave and rejected who has faced the last six months, She continues living her romance with the former player and showing off her love during her walks, trips or outings to renowned places.

The criticisms towards 23 year old They go beyond the virtual platforms, since everything indicates that he does not get along very well with the majority of the employees of the Catalan company, who have even done some cartoons.