Clara Chía, on vacation with Gerard Piqué’s parents: reveal first photos

Martin began his new installment with the phrase ‘A king dead, king set’, to refer to the fact that After ‘Shaki’ ceased to be part of the Piqué family, Clara had already taken her place. That despite the fact It was said that the ex-soccer player’s parents tried to get him to save his relationship with the ‘Monotonía’ singer because, apparently, they did not want a daughter-in-law different from the artist.

Piqué’s girlfriend went on vacation with her in-lawsfor the New Year and New Year’s Eve parties, the paparazzi also stated in his note for ‘El gordo y la flaca’, where he showed some of the family photographs of the trip.

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In a couple of shots, which appear in the following video of the aforementioned report, the serious face of Gerard’s mother is evidentMontserrat Bernabeu, while Chía, who did seem happy, was by her side.

Despite those few smiles from Monserrat —with whom ‘Shaki’ would no longer speak—, the journalist who obtained the photographs of her with her new daughter-in-law assured that there was “complicity between the two”Well, the mother of the former Barcelona soccer player would be making an effort for her son.

“Our indiscreet lens caught the complicity that exists between ‘Clarita’ and Piqué’s mother. The lady, apparently, is willing to have the best relationship with the woman who is with her son, whoever it is, and for as long as it lasts, ”said Jordi Martin, who also told whether Clara and Gerard were secretly married .

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Piqué and Clara Chía, on vacation at his and Shakira’s house

The former Barcelona and the ex-player’s brother and grandparents also attended the trip that Piqué’s young girlfriend (younger than him) shared with her in-laws, Martin said.

Everybody They were in the Pyrenees, “in the house that Piqué and Shakira built in 2016”; “maybe [Clara y Gerard] they even slept in the same room in which they slept the [ex]soccer player and the Barranquilla woman”, the journalist pointed out in the recording of this note, where he even showed some images of the place.