Clara Chía was hospitalized but Piqué’s “favorite” paparazzo unmasks her

After so much scandal over their romance and hints from Shakira, and even an alleged infidelity by Gerard Piqué, it seems that Clara Chía Marti is not having a good time and has already gone to the hospital.

It was learned that she was admitted to a Spanish hospital as an emergency due to a strong anxiety crisis, amid social and media pressure for being the new girlfriend of the Colombian ex. Opinions are divided and while some call it karma, others sympathize with the 23-year-old girl.

However, the paparazzo Jordi Martin unmasked her, because hours before hospitalization, he saw Clara Chía very happy with her lover.

“I am surprised by her hospitalization due to an anxiety crisis because I saw her very well yesterday. What I do not understand is that yesterday I saw her smiling, happy,” she said on the América TV network.

According to Jordi, it would be a strategy: “Do you know what happens? It gives me that this anxiety clinic and such is an attempt to harm Shakira and victimize Clara.”

And he finished: “I would give Clara some advice so that she does not have these anxiety crises again and that is that next time she looks for a couple who does not have a family, do not go where there is a family. What did you think Clara? That the whole world was not going to turn against them?”

By the way, Jordi Martin is the same paparazzo who called Piqué “mediocre”, who watches him on Instagram.

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