Clara Luciani in love: rare appearance with her companion on television

As they prepared to answer questions from the historic host of Taratata, the two singers had indeed perhaps not anticipated certain questions! And Nagui teasingly began immediately, asking Alex Kapranos how he felt about Clara Luciani’s voice.

Very serious, the English singer of Greek origin then replied in French that he could not find the word but that in English, we could describe her as “unique“. Nagui then decided to annoy him a little, by making him believe that he did not know what that meant.”However, I did living language 1 in English…“, he quipped under the laughter of the public and the singer, who was able to reassure his companion that it was just a joke, with a hand on the shoulder.

The protective angel“, ended up calling her the presenter, hilarious, who then agreed with the 50-year-old Briton to describe the voice of the young woman as”strong and deep“, “with many emotions“. If the extract is fun and tender, it is also the first time that we see Clara Luciani and Alex Kapranos appear together officially and mix their voices.

A duet that we hope to see again soon, whether on the singer’s album (her latest, Heart, was released in June 2021) or on that of the group Franz Ferdinand, who likes duets a lot, as his leader confided in rehearsals. And why not on stage: the singer will be in a few days at the Zénith de Paris, as part of her tour.