Clara Luciani: this moment of complicity between the singer and Alex Kapranos on the set of Taratata

On the Taratata set this Friday, March 25, Nagui teased Alex Kapranos. At his side, Clara Luciani flew to the aid of the leader of Franz Ferdinand.

They ignited the Taratata plateau! This Friday, March 25, Nagui hosted a new issue of his 100% live show with Clara Luciani in particular. For the occasion, the singer was accompanied by Alex Krapanos, with whom she performed a cover of Tainted Love. A beautiful moment of music, which greatly pleased the host, a fan of the group Franz Ferdinand whose singer is the leader. If they sang this title on France 2, it is because Clara Luciani and Alex Krapanos both collaborated a few months ago. The two artists have indeed resumed Summer Wine by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra.

“With Alex, we are both a fan of this legendary duoshe confided. When we met, we thought we would like to do a song together and that title came quite quickly.” Alongside these on the set of Taratata, Alex Kapranos made the effort to speak French. And Nagui had fun teasing the singer, born in England. While the leader of Franz Ferdinand stumbled to translate the word “unique” whom he did not know in French, Clara Luciani flew to his rescue. The singer, who quickly understood the host’s little game, tapped the artist on the shoulder to tell him that it was a joke. The two met at the Olympia, when the singer invited Alex Kapranos to one of her concerts.

Alex Kapranos under the spell of the voice of Clara Luciani

“During lockdown we found ourselves at a similar stage where we didn’t really feel inspired to write a new song, so we decided to record our version of Summer Wine,” confided the singer and guitarist. And he fell in love with the voice of Clara Luciani! “She just has an amazing voice, one of the best I’ve heard in years,” he confided to NME. However, the singer has long been complexed by her serious timbre. “I would have loved to have the slender voice of the other girls. I ended up liking my voice… It’s raw art. What touches me are the flaws, the imperfections”she revealed in the columns of Madame Figaro.


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