Claude Lelouch: the shock statements of the filmmaker on his own death

Claude Lelouch has often spoken, without jargon, about his relationship to death. In an interview with The New Republic this Sunday, May 8, 2022, the 84-year-old director evokes his own death and makes remarks that are surprising to say the least.

Death is not a taboo subject in the mouth of Claude Lelouch. On the occasion of the release of his film Love is better than life, the filmmaker spoke to AFP in September 2021 as follows: “We can’t escape it. So I prefer to go there singing. I want her to find me likeable.” If he prefers to see things on the bright side, that does not prevent him from being afraid of death. In an interview with Paris Match Thursday, December 30, the companion of Valérie Perrin admitted that his disappearance gave him “the stage fright”. A fear in particular linked to the sudden death of his dad. “He died of a heart attack in my arms”, he told in the columns of the weekly.

Claude Lelouch: “SIf one day I feel like I’m pissing everyone off, I’ll leave”

So, as long as his health allows him, the 84-year-old director continues to put his talent at the service of French cinema. In an interview with The New Republicon the occasion of the release of the film Turn to live, which traces seven years of his career filmed by Philippe Azoulay, Claude Lelouch confides as follows, this Sunday, May 8, 2022: “I find the energy in the fact that I love life and that it never ceases to surprise me. Every morning, I get up early so as not to miss the start of the film and I go to bed as late as possible to see as much of it as possible. I am a real janitor, curious about everything and as long as my brain can analyze, I will remain curious.”

Despite everything, Claude Lelouch allows himself to let himself die if he feels one day that it is time. “It is not impossible that I decide when I will leave”he says in Turn to live. And to specify, in the columns of The New Republic : “If I can do it, I will. The day I feel like a drag. I’ve always pulled the plow, been a locomotive and if one day I feel like I’m pissing everyone off, I’ll leave.” Confessions for the less destabilizing.