Claudia Álvarez posted a video of her eldest daughter, Kira, learning to speak Mandarin | Famous

The party was filled with loved ones and other celebrities, such as Grettell Valdez, Bárbara Mori, Altair Jarabo, Martha Higareda and more.

But, without a doubt, the one who captured all eyes and applause was Kira, her firstborn. As she revealed her famous mother on her social networks, the 2-year-old girl delighted her guests with her best dance steps.

They are the children of Claudia Álvarez

The actress of Overcome the past and Billy Rovzar make up one of the strongest couples in entertainment: they have been together for a decade, of which, they are 5 years as husband and wife.

During this time, the soap opera star has been able to integrate into the family dynamics that the producer had with Max and Alexandra, his children from a previous marriage.

In addition, they have received their own offspring: on December 26, 2019 they received a girl named Kira and in January 2022, a pair of twins named Clio and Billy.

The minors in the family were born prematurely and, days after giving birth, Claudia Álvarez and her husband were infected with coronavirus, so those first weeks were difficult for the family.

Fortunately, the babies have grown favorably and their older sister has also adapted to sharing their parents’ attention, so the family is in one of its best moments.

Kira is already learning Mandarin and Claudia Álvarez showed how she speaks it

The actress believes that “the best thing” that parents can do is expose their children to new languages ​​from an early age, because “they are like sponges and learn everything faster.”

For this reason, her eldest daughter already has private Mandarin classes. This is how Claudia Álvarez let it be seen with a couple of videos on her Instagram account on June 14.

In the images, the girl is heard repeating the words that a woman says to her. Her mom, in addition to her, supports her by showing her a thumbs up.

However, the actress did not reveal since when Kira takes Mandarin classes, the reason why she chose that language or if she is learning any other.