Claudia Álvarez surprises, five months after giving birth to twins, she shows off a marked abdomen

Claudia Álvarez surprises, five months after giving birth to twins, she shows off a marked abdomen. The actress has shared with her followers details about the birth of her two little twins, as well as the steps she has taken to quickly recover her statuesque figure.

Even in an Instagram story, he shared the moment when they took pictures of him. wearing a two-piece swimsuit when show a flat abdomen, but also marked. The same thing happened when she had her firstborn, Kira, because after a few months she shared her slender silhouette with her followers.

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At the photo shoot the protagonist of Overcome heartbreak appears as an Amazon among the vegetationeven wrote “insects and I are one”, as she perches lying on the undergrowth.

It was at the end of April when the actress decided to confess to her fans through her Instagram account how he managed to recover a statuesque body in such a short time and look beautiful, after she became a mother for the second time in mid-January with the arrival of her twins Clio and Billy.

Claudia revealed that she started a Exercise routine with Guto Salas, with whom she began training to lose the extra pounds a few days after giving birth. In fact, the actress was criticized because she started exercising too soon.

In his social networks he has also shared with his fans what his exercise routines are, which he follows to the letter. But that’s not all, too take care of your diet.

At 40, he revealed that he follows the advice of nutritionist Ary Valdés to the letter. And another of the main secrets that the actress confessed is that follows the famous diet known as Zélécertified method to lose weight through products high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

The truth is that the actress of Simply Maria followed all the steps as indicated by the specialists, since radiant look and in a short time she recovered her slender figure, and it seems that she will soon surprise us with a new project, so we will be on the lookout.

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