Claudia Cervantes tells her novel in vitro pregnancy (Video)

Claudia Cervantes agreed to become the 40th woman in the world to undergo a new in vitro pregnancy protocol.

“There was a time when the doctor told me: ‘instead of freezing eggs, I suggest you freeze embryos. I said, but what’s the rush? According to me, I still had a lot of time and when you freeze life it is because you consider that you have a lot of time to wait.

Claudia Cervantes, however, realized that the opposite had happened since she began to feel the need to be a mother more and more urgently.

“And then I made the most important decision of my life because Claudia Cervantes was definitely one before becoming a mother and another after becoming a mother. Today I am fuller.”

The urgency led her to accept her doctor’s proposal to undergo a new fertilization process.

“He told me: you are a candidate for my stem cell research protocol”

The actress points out that she became the 40th patient of this protocol.

“I said: ok, they are stem cells, not botox, and they are going to remove fat from my body to inject it into my ovules and rejuvenate them… and I trusted”

With humor, Cervantes says that the next step was to choose the donor, for which it was also his doctor who made him a proposal.

“He told me that I had the sample of an intelligent, healthy donor, a good human being.”

It was thus that Claudia Cervantes decided to accept and now she has her son: “And now seeing Santi, I realize that in addition to everything, that donor was handsome.”