Claudia Martín celebrates anniversary with Hugo Catalán and shows that he surpassed his ex Andrés Tovar

In the middle of the announcement pregnancy of Maite Perroni, Claudia Martin shared a series of images with which he celebrated her anniversary with her boyfriend Hugo Catalán.

“A day 7 some time ago… Our anniversary, my love, I love you,” the actress wrote in the description of the publication.

At par, Martín posted a message on his Instagram stories in which it is read: “Wolf Moon, today is a night to: sow seeds with good intentions, feel changes in our spirituality and leave the past behind.” With both publications, the protagonist of The Rich Cry Too (2022) He made one thing clear: he does not mourn any ex.

The news of Maite Perroni’s pregnancy She arrived a few months after marrying Andrés Tovar and she did it through an emotional video right on Three Kings Day.“Happy king’s day !!!! Now yes, let this 2023 begin full of love and what your hearts desire the most, may it be a great year for all”it reads in the description.

The video begins with Maite breaking a Rosca de Reyes that contains a message that reads: “We are already 3”. Later he opens a gift with a card that says: “Andrés and Maite left their letter under the tree and their greatest wish came true. They are going to be mom and dad! (…) We feel deeply grateful for allowing us to form our family. Baby Tovar Perroni”.

It should be remembered that a year ago perroni was involved in a scandal because it was designated as “the third in discord” between Claudia Martin and Andres Tovar. It was in mid-2021 that the former couple signed their divorce amid speculation of infidelity by the producer.

Since then, Martín has spoken openly about what that break meant and how, despite everything, he gave love a new opportunity.

“This was part of the universe, and I don’t feel bad or think I’ve failed, on the contrary, everything happens for something better and I’ve learned a lot about what I want and don’t want in life. So, yes, I ended the year differently, but I think this coming year is even better, ”he asserted in an interview with Who in early 2022.

And just as she predicted, the year ended wonderfully for her because has strengthened his relationship with Hugo Catalán, whom he met during the recordings of Rich people cry too.

Their relationship began precisely at the beginning of 2022, when Claudia stated that she was “ready for what’s to come.” Throughout their first year of relationship, they have been very much in love, traveling the world and celebrating their love.

So much Claudia and Hugo share photos together and constantly send each other messages of love, proving that true love comes when you least expect it.

Claudia Martín proves that you do not have to mourn for that love that went extinct

A betrayal can make you question everything about yourself, your relationship, and your life, but people cheat for many different reasons, and none of them have to do with you. You have the right to redo your life, to smile and feel full by the hand of someone who loves you completely.

Getting over a breakup due to infidelity means being aware that you are not to blame for the bad deeds of the other or why carry the weight of what could not be. Yes, you may have made mistakes but they are part of every relationship and you are not the only one who has to answer. It is time to learn and be better, to accept that the relationship was not being fair or meant to be and that you will find what you truly deserve.