Claudia Martín shares another facet and shows off her ceramic pieces

There’s something that Claudia Martin can’t do? That is the question that arises every time the actress shares a new facet, showing that she loves to learn from different areas and topics. In addition, she dares to break stereotypes, showing that before being a celebrity, she is a human being with the interest of nourishing herself in everything she can.

This is because the native of Oaxaca has shown that it can happen fromfrom being an actress to a saleswoman and now even a potter. They are three very different fields because in the first he captivates with acting skills, while in the second he has stated that he is not ashamed to be an online second-hand clothing merchant (his clothes).

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And with her new facet, Claudia Martín revealed that has an artisan inside, as he made nine ceramic pieces including decorative mugs, bowls, and containers. On each one she wrote “Clau M” to remember what she created after long hours of work, effort and dedication in a workshop located in Mexico City, where he lives.

craft legacy

In a certain way, this makes her connect with her oaxacan roots, since pieces that are widely known nationwide are produced in their state of origin. The most symbolic handicrafts are the wooden alebrijes, but the black clay vases, embroidered garments, palm sandals and Teotitlán rugs also stand out.

With her craft work, Claudia Martín, 33 years old, still brought out her imagination because the pieces have varied designs, ranging from square to circular. He also used vibrant colors that through his outfits he has shown that he loves: green and deep red. To enhance his pieces, he used a special varnish that intensifies colors and gives a glossy finish.

This makes her full of pride, and everything indicates that it is only the beginning of her work as a potter because in the description of the video in which she showed off her creations, she wrote “my first ceramic pieces”.

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An artist in every sense of the word

Claudia Martín’s talent as a potter was celebrated by her boyfriend, Hugo Catalán, 40, as he reacted with heart-eyed emoji. And of course, her followers congratulated her and encouraged to continue in this pottery adventure.

“That makes a complete artist, how cute”, wrote a fan, while another person commented “you are an incredible woman”. One follower even encouraged her to sell her work, as she wrote, “I don’t know if you’re going to sell them, you should! Much success”. And yes, the colors still caught the attention, especially from a woman who expressed the following: “your pieces are beautiful, and the colors, let alone”.

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