Claudia Martín shows off her elegant wedding dress

Claudia Martín shows off her elegant wedding dress and fall in love with The grand finale of “The rich also cry”a story that captivated new audiences with a version adapted to the current era. The soap opera Originally starring Verónica Castro and Rogelio Guerra, it was later in the hands of Thalía and Fernando Colunga and now it was in charge of Claudia Martín and Sebastián Rulli.

Although, the new adaptation of “The rich also cry” divided opinions due to the way they cut the story to adapt it to a shorter duration than its previous versions, Claudia Martín and Sebastian Rulli They became a trend because of the chemistry they developed and that was even supported by their respective partners, the actors Hugo Catalán and Angelique Boyer.

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For this final stretch, all the villains of the wicked Soraya Montenegro were exposed but like all soap operas, good and love triumphed, so we could see the protagonists renewing their wedding vows already Claudia Martín with a charming wedding dress ideal for small or civil ceremonies.

The Claudia Martin wedding dress She distinguished herself by discreetly highlighting her figure and a simple headdress that they accommodated between her abundant hair, as well as a natural makeup that highlighted the light in her eyes.

Another moment that caught the attention of the audience was the scene where Luis Alberto Salvatierraplayed by Sebastián Rulli, was moved to tears as he remembered his brother and father.

The ending of “The rich also cry” was broadcast by Stars channel and it can already be seen on its YouTube channel in summary form, made up of four parts.

Claudia Martín, eternally grateful with “The rich also cry” and “Mariana Villarreal”

Although claudia martin had already shown his talent in soap operas such as “Amar a muerte”, “Without your gaze” and “Like you there are no two”“The rich also cry” will occupy a special place in her heart and her career, as the actress assures that this project saved her from herself.

This character came into the hands of Claudia Martín when she was in the process of divorce with producer Andrés Tovar and not only did it allow him to demonstrate his talent once again, but he landed a highly sought-after leading man that took him to new levels of success.

“…for me Mariana is a character with whom the opposite happened to what almost always happens…I did not give you life Mariana Villarreal, you gave it back to me, THANK YOU because all the blessings that I have today came with you in my life, thank you for being the light at the end of the rainbow,” the actress wrote.

For Claudia Martín “The rich also cry” It was a blessing that also gave him a new opportunity in love, because in this telenovela she met her current partner, Hugo Catalán, with whom you are enjoying the honeys of a fun and healthy relationship.

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