Claudia Martín wears the ideal bob cut for women with round faces

Beauty and style are two qualities that stand out in the extremely talented Mexican actress, Claudia Martinand this time was no exception, because in his most casual way he looked angelic with its bob cut, ideal for women with round faces. The beautiful native of Oaxaca showed off the cut that does not go out of style and showed that whether with long or short hair, she looks wonderful.

It was through her Instagram account that the protagonist of Rich people cry too, Claudia Martinshowed off her sophisticated and jovial look, which will definitely also be one of the favorites in beauty salons, due to its versatility and because there is a version for all types of faces and tastes.

Since her visit to Turkey a few months ago, the 34-year-old actress decided to make a radical makeover, saying goodbye to her long hair to wear the most comfortable, classic and flattering style.

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On this occasion, Claudia Martin He did not miss the opportunity to wear it, while he was in the middle of CDMX traffic, in an image that his followers fell in love with. Claudia Martín wore a long-sleeved ribbed blouse under a tank top of the same color, which she combined with her shades, very fashionable this season.

The gorgeous green-eyed actress wore a flattering cat eye liner, which raised her eyes and made her look more flirtatious, as well as her bob cut to the side, perfect for hiding cheeks, which is special for girls with round faces.

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“Nice Saturday everyone,” wrote the famous actress.

Definitely, Claudia Martin She is not only one of the most talented celebrities on television, but also one of the most beautiful, as well as the most versatile. This was demonstrated a few days ago when she joined the trend of the Colombian singer, Shakira, with her new song with Bizzarrap, BZRP Music Session # 53, a direct blow to the ortullo and heart of her ex, the Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué.

And it is that, although for many it was considered a lack of respect for the children of the 45-year-old singer, Sasha and Milán Piqué Mebarak, many women have adopted it as a hymn of empowerment, especially for those who have been victims of a infidelity, as Shakira was, and in this case, Claudia Martin.

Claudia Martín wears the ideal bob cut for women with a round face. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Indirect for your ex and Maite Perroni?

Although the actress of the series Killer women She doesn’t usually talk much about it, this time she dared to follow the trend and shared a video on TikTok using Shakira’s video filter, and singing her song, which for many was a hint to her ex-husband, the producer of TV Andres Tovarand his new wife Maite Perroni.

Claudia Martín wears the ideal bob cut for women with a round face. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

“You thought you hurt me and made me tougher,” Martín wrote in the post, paraphrasing one of the strongest phrases from Shak’s song.

Even, in the comments, his followers did not hesitate to associate him with a hint for her ex-husband, and even for the actress of Oscuro Deseo and Rebelde, Maite Perroni, assuring Claudia Martin “You are the Rolex, queen.”

Claudia Martín wears the ideal bob cut for women with a round face. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

“Perroni the video looked good on you”, “You are the Rolex, queen”, “The one who kept it lost”, “CLEARLY YOU ARE THE MERCEDES”, “You are more beautiful, without a doubt”, “It fit you perfectly, you are a beautiful Rolex”, “She has the name of a good person, CLEARLY it is not what it sounds like… but the last name suits her”, “A very direct direct one, without fear of success”, “Uhh that goes with a dedication”, they were some of the comments.

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